To Be
Written and illustrated by Diana Rose

  "When you become aware of your thoughts, you will be surprised what goes on inside you.  If you write down whatsoever is going on at any moment, you are in for a great surprise...  Because we are not aware, this whole madness goes on running like an undercurrent.  It affects whatsoever you are doing.  And the sum total of it is going to be your life!" ~  OSHO

Since childhood I have questioned the interior voice, often wondering what it would sound like if heard aloud.  I can only imagine it being the same as listening to a recording of myself... hearing an unfamiliar voice.

This is a story of that magical exchange.  From the age of six to ninety-six Tobey gives form to this voice by manifesting Buddy.  Buddy is both familiar and new.  It is the voice of silence.